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Temagami Fire Tower

Climb to the top of this 100-foot steel tower at the peak of Caribou Mountain for an exhilarating - and slightly terrifying - overlook at the pristine forest surrounding you. 

This popular tourist attraction dates back to 1910 when a wooden tower was originally built and has grown to become the area's most famous landmark. 

Be aware that the climb to the top is not for the faint of heart. A series of staircases wind up and up as the tower narrows towards the pinnacle. However, the reward at the end with a breathtaking view is well worth the effort. 

Tower History & White Bear Trail

If you've travelled to a large forested area, you've probably seen a large tower structure like Temagami Fire Tower before. Why are there so many and what is the purpose of them?

Over the years, hundreds of similar towers have been built as a way for forest rangers to detect and report forest fires early before they have the chance to get out of control. 

The Temagami Fire Tower is nestled in a remote spot within the White Bear Forest and surrounded by 17 km of hiking trails to suit all difficulty levels. Try out the White Bear Trail which starts just a short distance away from the tower parking lot. 

Things To Know Before You Go 

To access the Temagami Fire Tower, take O' Connor drive off Hwy 11 and cross the train tracks before continuing uphill until you reach the sign for the Tower. 

Entrance to the area costs a minimal $3 for anyone who would like to climb the tower. 

Visitors can also visit the Fire Fight Museum and Visitor Center located on the property and take advantage of the campground-style restrooms if needed. 

The Temagami Fire Tower is open during the summer and fall seasons from May through Thanksgiving.


Spent the weekend in the area to see the fall colours. The tower is a must see when passing through, about a five minute drive off the highway. The climb to the top was quite easy, it was very winding at the viewing platform at the top of the tower. Amazing 360 degree view of the entire area. We saw a bald eagle as we were about half way up. Zoom in on my last 2 photos to see the eagle.
A great hike to the park in the middle of the woods. Signs are generally well posted, and you can drive to the fire tower if you want to skip the hike. Once at the tower, it is well maintained, and pretty tall. I could not go right to the top as I felt dizzy from the height, but the view was spectacular even from 3/4 ways up. Highly recommended tour !
Larry W
Short trek up to get to the lookout and then you can climb to the top of the tower and see a wonderful view! Definitely worth the trip to the top. You get a good 360 view.
Hiking and spectacular Sunsets! There are a couple of trails and you can climb the tower for stellar views. There is a beautiful swing to sit and take in the view!
Amazing view just from the lookout. Parking right there. The climb up the fire tower was absolutely exhilarating and terrifying!!
Colleen C
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